Sunday, June 17, 2012

Some Blog News

First of all, I'm glad I've got some new readers!  However you guys got here, thanks for checking out the blog and giving it a chance.  I hope you stick around.

Second of all, I have made a decision about the Pop Music Project.  I will be continuing to do it--quite intensely, in fact--but I will be moving the project to a separate site.  I will be putting up the archives of posts over to that site and I will continue to update it with new analyses of songs as I go back through the years.  This will allow me to go back to concentrating on feminist news, issues and events on this blog without distraction.  You can find the Feminist Pop Music Project blog here.

I will be putting up a new post here tomorrow, and all of the Pop Music Project posts will be on the other site along with new material from 2006 that I am working on at the moment.  Happy Interneting!

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