Tuesday, February 26, 2013

30 Days of Buffy and Feminism Day 14

Favorite Female Villain

The obvious answer for me is Anyanka, but I've covered that already, so we'll go with someone else.  I was torn between Dursilla and Glory--both interesting--but I decided, in the end, to go with the choice I could talk about more.


The first four seasons had male Big Bads, each of them supported in some way by a female villain.  The Master had Darla, peripherally.  Angelus was the Big Bad of season 2 but he was supported by Drusilla in his quest for the apocalypse.  The Mayor had Faith at the end of season 3.  In season 4 the Big Bad was Adam but he would not have existed without Maggie Walsh.  Women were always working in the background but never got to play the lead in the villainy department, until season 5.

Glory is a GOD.  She's not just a Frankenstein monster or an ascending demon or a sort of extra-badass vampire.  She's actually a deity.  And she's pretty badass.

Our first female villain is pretty stereotypically feminine.  She wears only dresses and heels, she talks constantly about shopping, talks in a very "Valley Girl" dialect, and thinks that bubble baths are one of the only good things about this dimension.  But she also kicks ass!

There's a caveat to this, of course.  That caveat is named "Ben".

Ben is the mortal conduit through which Glory comes to the world.  She can invade his body wherever he is at any time, which is kind of creepy and rapey honestly.   And naturally, the female GOD would need to have a male human form to use.  While Glory is practically impossible to defeat--I still kind of think the final fight scene in "The Gift" is selling short the power she was set up to have for the rest of the season--she has a mortal man who has that pain taken out on him.

Glory is really the only female Big Bad, with the exception of Dark Willow who I still have trouble calling the single Big Bad of Season 6.  And damn does she give the Scoobies a run for their money.  I would love the message that Glory sends--you can love makeup and heels and still be super strong and awesome--if that message weren't already the primary focus of the show.  I guess we get Glory's contrast in Dark Willow, but that's a whole other issue that I will DEFINITELY be covering later.

Glory is also straight-up entertaining.  I enjoy watching her because she's an interesting, sarcastic, catty villain.  I kind of wish that Glory and Cordelia could have met--that would have been the best scene ever. 

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