Monday, March 4, 2013

30 Days of Buffy and Femiism Day 17

Day 17: Character You Relate To The Most

This is the worst prompt ever.  I do not relate to any of these characters exactly because every time I think I do there's the whole part where I don't have super strength or magical powers.  Plus I'm admittedly terrible at self-assessment.  So I'm going to go ahead and just take an aspect from each of the major characters that I think I relate to.  Yes, even Xander.

Buffy--I'd say her ability to soldier on through anything--including several versions of the apocalypse--would be what I hope I can relate to.
Willow--While I relate to Willow's nerdiness and lack of real social life in high school I cannot relate to the obsession with grades or perfection, I just never had it. 
Xander--I totally understand that feeling that all of your friends are off doing great things and you're kind of stuck.  I think everyone can at some point or another.  This is literally the only way in which I am like Xander.
Anya/Cordelia--I'm doing them both as one because my answer is the same and Anya was really a Cordelia replacement.  They both just say whatever comes into their head, whether or not it will make everything awkward.  I have this same tendency.
Angel--Okay, I really don't relate to Angel at all.  I don't think most people--outside of teenagers with a lot of dark eye makeup who listen to My Chemical Romance--can relate to Angel.
Spike--Uhhh...he smokes?
Giles--I would be happy to relate to Giles.  In his pants.
Jenny Calendar--Mix of smart and kind of badass.  That's what I imagine I'm like, I don't think it's necessarily so.
Dawn--I am often the one without the big flashy talent that gets put to the wayside even though I do have purpose.
Oz--I'm secretly a werewolf.

Okay, that didn't really work out so well, but this was a stupid question, so I'm calling it done.  Onto way, way better prompts! 

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